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Human Resources is the art and science of

aligning individuals and organizations.

Why use P3HR Practices?

We are:


  • Knowledgeable

  • Highly experienced

  • Pro-Active

  • Innovative

  • Results oriented

  • Provide objective consulting and services

  • Cover all elements of the ’employee life-cycle’


Change Drivers

Labor Markets, Legislation, Politics, Taxes, Terrorism, Family,
Health, Finances, Globalization, Technology, Behaviors, Consumerism, Energy.

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Whats in a name?

When people put up a web site, the idea is to make sure other people know what the person or the organization is doing or has been involved with.  It is a way to distinguish themselves from others. Often you can tell a lot about the organization just from their name; for example, Dow Chemical Company.  You may have to dig into it a little, to get more detail and be sure it is an organization that does what’s of interest to you, but just from the name you have a sense of what they are about. Being specific always allows you to get better information.  In our case, if you just used P3 services, the services could range from Actuaries to Zookeepers.


But if you add just a bit more information, such as our short name P3HR. You can look at it, and if you are somewhat familiar with business jargon, you will see the acronym HR which is short for Human Resources.  So, P3HR is an organization that is involved with activities involving Human Resources.  P3 in this respect is like ‘Dow’.  It identifies a specific company but it is the subsequent nomenclature which clarifies we are associated with a specific area of activity. However, you may need more descriptive information. That may show up as an extension of our name, which would be P3 Consulting, or P3 Consulting & Services. Now you are starting to ‘home-in’ a bit on what we do. We are involved with providing support with human resources consulting services.  When you actually consider our legal name, P3 Human Resource Practices, you now have a somewhat more complete picture of what we do.


More than the name

Sometimes even knowing the name doesn’t really give you what you need. A few years ago, an organization called ‘Google’ or ‘Amazon’ would have meant nothing.  So, you may have to grow the name recognition. Just saying we provide HR consulting services may not be enough. You might need to know where we do this. Since we are based in Grand Rapids, we certainly serve the Grand Rapids HR community, as well as many other places including international locations. But even the consulting and services need to be better defined.  Consequently, we describe ourselves as having the ability to provide resource consulting services that cover the full range of events in the life cycle of the employee and in addition, we do a very specialized type of Strategic Planning that focuses on the bigger organization perspective.


And one more thing

So, regardless of what name you associate with our consulting services we are pleased that you found us, and have learned a little more about P3HR Practices. However, we would like to share one more piece of information…  P3 is short for, PEOPLE, PERFORMANCE and PARTNERS, which is what we deal with, what we help organizations achieve, and how we work with our clients.

P3HR is located in and around...

Grand Rapids, MI 49546, USA