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Trending? Employers helping with debt?

Wondering what’s trending within the benefit arena for 2018??  According to Employee Benefit News and various other ‘in the know’ articles it seems the focus is in the financial well-being category.  On the top of the list seems to be financial wellness in the form of  STUDENT LOAN ASSISTANCE:  

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Do your business practices need a mentality shift?

The mentality of the business community, like much of America these days, tends to see everything in a black and white context. They want to shy away from those elements of their lives that are gray or unclear, which seems to make them uncomfortable or of the belief they must always pin things down, so they know how to proceed when circumstances force them to act…

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Avoid firefights with careful strategic planning

When people talk about strategic planning, many images come to mind. Most imply careful thinking about what is intended to be accomplished. In the world of business, it is typically a process organizations follow to put actions in motion to achieve their mission or...

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Onboarding: Is there serious value or is it hype?

Riding around town these days, it’s easy to see a number of signs that indicate an organization is looking to hire staff. Quite a change from the not too distant past. So, it is a bit surprising to see people on some corners who have signs looking for a handout....

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Mandatory as of September 18th, 2017!

Employers must use the revised I-9 Form which shows a revision date of 7/17/17. Click here for a simple article summarizing the change. Click here for a PDF of the new form for printing. Click here for a PDF of the I-9 guide. Click here for the U.S. Citizenship and...

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What ever happened to the DOL’s overtime rule?

Commonly known as the FLSA overtime rule, a regulation intended to modernize those governing the exemption of executive, administrative and the professional employees from the minimum wage and overtime pay protections of the Fair Labor Stands Act (FLSA).  The new exemption levels for annual salary were to go from $23,660 to $47,476.  This was slated to become effective 12/1/16. 

BUT WAIT . . . and that, is our current status.

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Aretha Is So Right . . . .

Whether ‘Boomer, X-gen or Millennial’ we are all looking for the same thing . . . RESPECT.

Awhile back, I found an interesting article that shared not only a few statistics from a survey of over 20,000 employees worldwide. The author said, “Being treated with respect was more important to employees than recognition and appreciation, communicating and inspiring vision, providing useful feedback – or even opportunities for learning, growth and development”. In addition, she indicates “that no other leadership behavior affected commitment and engagement from employees than respect.”

Check out the full article which reports the survey scores as well as tips on how to enhance the level of respect felt by their employees, . . . . .

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“To Tell the Truth” . . . really?

According to the 10th Annual HireRight Employment Screening Benchmark Survey:

** 85% of survey respondents uncovered a lie or misrepresentation on a candidate’s resume or job application during the screening process – up from 66% five years ago.

** 77% said screening uncovered an issue with a candidate’s background that would not have been caught otherwise.

** Yet, only 49% of respondents verify candidates’ education credentials today, despite the many headlines in recent years of executive-level scandals involving falsified degrees.

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Is Your Job Making You Fat?

As the weather is warming up and outdoor activities are on employee’s minds, so are their summer bodies. CareerBuilder recently conducted a survey that found 56% of the workforce in the United States believe that they are overweight. On top of that, 45% believe that they have gained weight at their current job. And we aren’t talking about just a couple pounds here, 25% have gained more than 10 pounds and 1 in 10 have gained more than 20 pounds. Respondents blame the workplace.

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Early Projections for U.S. Compensation Budget

By Stephen Miller, CEBS May 31, 2017

In the U.S., salary increase budgets are expected to grow by 3.2 percent in 2018 up from a 3.1 percent increase in 2017 and 3.0 percent in 2016, according to a May forecast.

The 2018 pay projections were reported in Planning Global Compensation Budgets for 2018 by ERI Economic Research Institute, a compensation analytics firm in Irvine, Calif.

Please keep in mind, salary budgets represent funds that employers are planning to spend on employee compensation but do not necessarily represent the average salary or wage increase that workers will receive.

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